Monday, October 5, 2009


Tegan And Sara are very close to the release of a new LP after their best album so far, The Con. The first single, Hell, sounds like it's a step in the right direction, with catchy electronic undertones and a bigger focus on a rocky direction than previous efforts from the duo.

First impressions in the opening riff of the song are dangerously close to a bad Paramore track, but give it a chance, it's a grower.

Hell - Tegan And Sara
Los Feeling by Visitor is one of the more promising Electro-Pop releases I have heard in a while. Hyped ad nausem by most of the blog universe; i've taken my time with this one in order to decide whether it's worth posting or just a one off success from the band. My final conclusion is who cares; this track is the shit. Don't let the cheesy sound and the off-putting intro bring your opinion of the song down, because you'll have this song on repeat before long. And no, after all my investigations, it seems the real name of the song ISN'T "Lost Feeling", although it really seems like it should be.

Los Feeling - Visitor
HORSE SHOES have that melodic Indie sound that is becoming increasingly popular as of late. Similar in sound to bands like Red Riders, Mercy Arms, The Drums etc. The Imperial School almost sounds a bit like Tokyo Police Club in parts, definitely worth checking out.

The Imperial School - HORSE SHOES
Ultra Violence And Beethoven sounds like an incredibly distorted mix of MGMT and Passion Pit, with a far stronger electronic presence than both are known for. It's the first song I have heard from Baby Monster, so here's hoping the rest of their work shares the same amount of polish.

Ultraviolence And Beethoven - Baby Monster
Speaking of bands that sound like Passion Pit, Tim And Jean take that sound and use it in the best way possible. The end result is a song that, while not as mindblowing as Sleepyhead; may just be indicative of a band that can use the same sound without writing about the same tired subject matter over and over. Colour me intrigued.

Come Around - Tim & Jean
Bye Bye Bicycle are a strange band to place, they sound like an amalgamation of a whole bunch of different bands and sounds. I can tell you that if you like bands such as Sparkadia or New Order you'd probably like the sounds of Haby Bay.

Haby Bay - Bye Bye Bicycle
So once you're done "sampling" this music, go buy it. Don't be a prick.

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