Sunday, July 18, 2010


Moving to Tumblr, seems like the hipster thing to do.



Sunday, July 4, 2010


Arcade Made are an unsigned band from Australia, you can find their tracks for free download on their Triple J Unearthed page. They remind me of early Bloc Party, spliced with Tokyo Police Club, and a hint of Foals. This is obviously a great combo, and having such strong material at such an early age can only mean good things, so check them out.

Dinosaur Bones - Arcade Made
Ruins Ruined - Arcade Made


Shinichi Osawa's new album, SO2, is pretty good. It gets a bit too dancefloor techno at times, but there are some really compelling tracks on it. Definitely give it a listen. Here's a track you're sure to hear soon enough.

Love Will Guide You - Shinichi Osawa


Elite Gymnastics have a new song, a track from their incredibly tardy EP, Neu! '92. That's fine and all, but it better not suck. Anyway download Montana, it's a love song in the same vein as their previous work.

Montana - Elite Gymnastics


Magic Bullets sound a lot like The Smiths, in fact, if you squint your ears you could be forgiven for mistaking They Wrote A Song About You as a long lost b-side that everyone somehow missed.

They Wrote A Song About You - Magic Bullets


Here's another track from Cloud Nothings. Fucking love these dudes.

Can't Stay Awake - Cloud Nothings


Swanton Bombs have this cool Rock vibe that I haven't really been taken by as of late. There's something about these guys though that I really like. Check them out.

Waistland - Swanton Bombs


Games sounds like Teen Daze, they sound like Washed Out, they sound like awesome.

Everything Is Working - Games


Finally here's an incredibly low quality rip of Giselle Roselli's They Stay Down Deep, it's fucking amazing. I still can't work out if this is just a sample or a really short song. I guess we will know soon enough.

They Stay Down Deep - Giselle Roselli


Friday, July 2, 2010


The music will turn most away (myself included) but the imagery was so compelling I had to have another look.