Sunday, July 4, 2010


Arcade Made are an unsigned band from Australia, you can find their tracks for free download on their Triple J Unearthed page. They remind me of early Bloc Party, spliced with Tokyo Police Club, and a hint of Foals. This is obviously a great combo, and having such strong material at such an early age can only mean good things, so check them out.

Dinosaur Bones - Arcade Made
Ruins Ruined - Arcade Made


Shinichi Osawa's new album, SO2, is pretty good. It gets a bit too dancefloor techno at times, but there are some really compelling tracks on it. Definitely give it a listen. Here's a track you're sure to hear soon enough.

Love Will Guide You - Shinichi Osawa


Elite Gymnastics have a new song, a track from their incredibly tardy EP, Neu! '92. That's fine and all, but it better not suck. Anyway download Montana, it's a love song in the same vein as their previous work.

Montana - Elite Gymnastics


Magic Bullets sound a lot like The Smiths, in fact, if you squint your ears you could be forgiven for mistaking They Wrote A Song About You as a long lost b-side that everyone somehow missed.

They Wrote A Song About You - Magic Bullets


Here's another track from Cloud Nothings. Fucking love these dudes.

Can't Stay Awake - Cloud Nothings


Swanton Bombs have this cool Rock vibe that I haven't really been taken by as of late. There's something about these guys though that I really like. Check them out.

Waistland - Swanton Bombs


Games sounds like Teen Daze, they sound like Washed Out, they sound like awesome.

Everything Is Working - Games


Finally here's an incredibly low quality rip of Giselle Roselli's They Stay Down Deep, it's fucking amazing. I still can't work out if this is just a sample or a really short song. I guess we will know soon enough.

They Stay Down Deep - Giselle Roselli


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  1. I don't know whether "They Stay Down" is a sample or short song but it's definitely good marketing because it left me wanting more. I took a chance and purchased Tokyo Police Club's champ and Breakbot's ep, & I wasn't disappointed thanks.