Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Julian Rivoire
is a 26 year old Graphic Designer residing in France. He often operates under the moniker Bastard Graphics, and what he lacks in sensible pseudonym choice he more than makes up for in talent.

He tends to opt towards bright colours and bold shapes to achieve a very striking look. Here's some of his recent works; all of it with a very "now" feel to it.

(Note that these are effectively screen captures of his artwork from his website, for a more complete view, click on the link to his page at the bottom of the article.)



As far as business cards go, this has to be one of the more stylish ones I have seen. Really cool.


Check out his website for heaps more.


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  1. we need more graphic designers profiles interspersed with the music posts dude. love your writing, and love some of the stuff you find. =]