Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Miami Horror have just released a new single titled Sometimes.

Featuring a New Order style guitar riff over the always amazing 80's Electro Miami Horror sound we've all come to know and love. From the second I heard Sometimes I loved it. Hopefully you will too.

Not much info on it, I'm pretty intrigued to find out who the guest vocals are from this time round; remembering that they recently utilised none other than VEGA and Neon Indian's Alan Palomo; it's likely someone from an existing band or project.

Also loving the cover sleeve, Miami Horror definitely have someone in the know working on their visual identity because it's always top-notch. Best i can find is that the Bravado EP cover was done by "DW" as quoted by their myspace page; whoever that is.
(UPDATE: Thanks to NeonLover for correcting me and providing a link to DW's page)
Sometimes - Miami Horror

DW Design


  1. Hey man. Bravado EP design was done by 'DW': or http://www,
    To me, vocals in Sometimes sound like Tranter, from his older project, 'Gameboy/Gamegirl'.

  2. Haha swing and a miss. Don't know how I read that so wrong. I was going from memory though so there you go. Cheers for that dude.