Thursday, October 8, 2009


The Horrors' new sound still takes me by surprise every time I hear their latest works. It's the very best way to be proven wrong when an band you wrote off as rubbish comes out with a fucking amazing album to put you in your place.

Whole New Way was originally on the Japanese release of Primary Colours as a bonus track, but the band have decided to rework and re-release it as a stand-alone single. It very much continues the trend set by the band's critically acclaimed sophomore album, with a tad more electronic elements, especially at the start and finish, to lead you in and out of the song.

Here's the thing though, I can't tell whether I like the original or the re-release version more. There are subtle yet noticeable differences, but neither is convincingly better than the other. In the interest of not removing all reason to buy the new version, which I'm sure will come with B-Sides and or remixes, I'll going to post the original version here.

Whole New Way - The Horrors

Whole New Way is due out November 2nd on XL Recordings. Make sure you pick it up.

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