Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I've convinced myself now that Intimacy Remixed was a cruel ploy by enemies of Bloc Party to damage their untarnished streak of greatness, It was truly awful.

More realistically though, I'd like to think that perhaps Bloc Party didn't have much say in the matter, as the remixes, and remixers; chosen to submit work to the album basically made a mess of the whole thing, which I doubt Kele Okereke would be too keen on if given a say in the matter. The opportunity for fans to remix three or their songs was similarly squandered, with a single digit number worth of remixes worth even mentioning.

Finally though I've found some not necessarily new remixes from Intimacy that have genuinely impressed me.

The mysterious and relatively unknown Adam Jeffery has remixed Letter To My Son under his misleading moniker; Twins, and it's a really good rework. It reminds me of the Silent Alarm remixes: the general trend being that the remixers acknowledged and preserved the heart and soul of the song, only adjusting the mood and atmosphere to create something compelling. Twins has done the same thing here, cut and pasted some vocals, added an eerie instrumental backdrop and amplified the sense of sadness and regret that took center stage in the original. It's remixes like this that should have been on the reinvented iteration of Intimacy.

Secondly, I've tracked down the Frankmusik remix of Talons, which you'd be forgiven in thinking had nothing to do with Frankmusik at all from the sounds of it. But the Electro-Pop wizard's trademark vocal splicing and jittery effects are here and just as effective as always. He's essentially doubled the length of the song, pulling somewhat of a Fred Falke; and like Fred Falke, he's kept it interesting the whole way through.

p.s. Kele recently shaved off the dreads and stacked on, like, 400 pounds of muscle; likely in a bid to intimidate racist punk legends.

Letter To My Son (Twins Remix) - Bloc Party
Talons (Frankmusik Remix) - Bloc Party

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