Monday, November 2, 2009


These dudes; Gammalapagos, are from Germany, and from the promo release I have, sound like a completely different band in every single song of theirs. While some my condemn them for a lack of continuity I say kudos for the bravado to keep fluid and ever-changing.

Happily Ever After is a fairly moody track with electronic stylings. Quite subtle, it feels like there's an energy to it that's just bubbling under the surface, ready to break free. Only You Mario Ohnegeplärr is completely different, going for a more straight up indie rock vibe. The vocals sound both cheesy and awesome at the same time. Both tracks are really unlike anything that's out at the moment, and instantly caught my attention.

Not a whole bunch of info on them, but from their press photos it looks like they are a complete idiots; in the very best way possible.

Happily Ever After - Gammalapagos
Only You Mario Ohnegeplärr - Gammalapagos

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