Wednesday, May 12, 2010


oOoOO is exactly what I'm looking for these days. NoSummr4u has that sort of hopeless emptiness that makes you want to lie in bed all day with the curtains closed. It's the other side of the nostalgia coin, one oft left out in favour of the sunny carefree surf-pop nostalgia that everyone has finally discovered again. I'm very late to the party with this one, I know.

NoSummr4u - oOoOO


Circle Pit are an awful looking, rubbish sounding, can't-sing-for-shit sort of band. Think Wavves/Girls/The rawer side of The Vines, and you'll know what to expect. They are apparently signed to Modular Records now, but Modular Records hasn't made it known at all, not sure why.  

Another Trick is a cool summery garage-surf-rock track, I can imagine hipster couples passing it between each other on cassette mix tapes and remarking on how "ok" it sounds.

Infinity is a slow-jam style love song with this hazy wash over sparse instrumental work. Infinity is the most laid-back song on the album (which is, depending on your tolerance for harsh, raw, garage rock; really quite good).

Another Trick - Circle Pit
Infinity - Circle Pit


Tex Taiwan are the latest in what is nearing a fucking battalion of Crystal Castles copycats. They've skewed more in a HEARTSREVOLUTION direction however, in that this stuff makes you feel like you're in a Hypercolourbubblegumrobotkitten party in Japan (Where I can only imagine there is a huge market for this sort of music), rather than wanting to kill yourself; as the Canadian duo does.

Won't blow your mind, but it will certainly keep you entertained for two and a half minutes.

Labyrinth - Tex Taiwan


Born Ruffians have a new album called Say It. It's very similar in style to the first, so there aren't any nasty surprises for the real fans. They are the sort of band you will either love or hate so this little blurb is pretty pointless really, just give What To Say a spin and see what you think.

What To Say - Born Ruffians


Posted up a remix for Neverest by Hey Champ a while back. Here's the original, carefree electro-pop at its... well I wouldn't say best...

Carefree electro-pop.

Neverest - Hey Champ


Kamei is a pretty cool dude. He deals in the realm of sampling rad disco hits from yesteryear and sprucing them up (or down), which is a great way to avoid the bulk of the annoying grunt-work real musicians have to deal with.

Falling In Love - Kamei


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