Monday, May 31, 2010


Tokyo Police Club's second album, Champ, surprisingly does not suck. One of the few 2010 sophomores that not only didn't disappoint, but really caught me by surprise. Check out Bambi, that riff is ridonkulous. To think I wasn't even going to bother with this album makes me glad I second guessed myself.

Bambi - Tokyo Police Club


Babara, We Are Scientists' third album, on the other hand; did suck. Big time. Check out Jack & Ginger, it's not as infuriating as the rest of the album.

Jack & Ginger - We Are Scientists


Thunderheist are breaking up, I'd hardly call myself a true fan, but from what I've heard of theirs, this is a pretty sad announcement. This is their swan song.

Drive In - Thunderheist


Everything Everything have a new song out, called Schoolin'. It's got the same sort of sound as the rest of their work, in fact, i'm beginning to suspect they are one-trick-ponies. Prove me wrong in August, Everything Everything.

Schoolin' - Everything Everything


Elite Gymnastics is awesome. It's "Post-Chillwave", and if you never got on the Chillwave bandwagon to begin with then too fucking bad, progress waits for no man.

Is This On Me? - Elite Gymnastics


Matt & Kim cooked up this infectious song a while ago but I'm late in discovering this one. It's called Daylight, and the keyboard at the start is rad.

Daylight - Matt & Kim


Underworld were responsible for that massive club hit Born Slippy .NUXX (.NUXX was the version with vocals you iTunes tagging savages; make the correction now) way back when. You may remember it from the closing scene of Trainspotting, or maybe not, but if you youtube it or something you'll have one of those "Ohhhh, this song!" moments. This is their new song and it's really catchy, reminds me a lot of the Skins Theme by Segal, which is a great thing.

Scribble - Underworld


Tame Impala show that even something as insulting as Midnight Juggernauts' sophomore, The Crystal Axis, is not without its silver lining.

Vital Signs - Tame Impala


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