Monday, June 14, 2010


Cosmonaut Grechko utilises a very "Late '08" Electro sound and a great Madonna sample to create something rather refreshing in these Lo-Fi times we're living in. Give it a listen.

You're Ready! - Cosmonaut Grechko


Dan Whitford (Cut Copy) and one the dudes from now defunct Riot In Belgium have a new side project called Voltage. It sounds like a natural extension of their current style, no surprises and it certainly won't change your life, but it's nice to see some new stuff from both of them.

All Night - Voltage


Mystery Jets' new album, Serotonin, is certainly a grower. It's definitely not as good as the mindblowing Twenty One, but it'd be damn near supernatural for lightning to strike twice. Do yourself a favour and listen to it at least a few times before you make your mind up. Here's the title track.

Serotonin - Mystery Jets


Memory Tapes remixed a track from Crystal Castles' new album. I find that most of his remixes sound roughly the same, but this one ends up sounding like an alternate version rather than a remix. Certainly not a bad thing though, it just means if you loved the original you'll likely enjoy this rework as well.

Suffocation (Memory Tapes Remix) - Crystal Castles


Cloud Nothings have this cool Lo-Fi Surf-Rock sound that I'm really liking. They are a bit more upbeat and poppy than the other artists that are operating in the same genre description right now. Really happy vibes to this one, even though it's about break-up.

Even If It Worked Out - Cloud Nothings


The Drums' album was a fairly predictable affair. While there's not a single bad track on it, it all just felt a bit too "safe" for my liking. However, one could argue that this is far worse than the album being completely rubbish, and in some ways, it might be. Regardless, here's a bonus track from the album.

When I Come Home - The Drums


Jamaica are already generating enough hype right now as it is, but in case you haven't heard them already, here's some tracks by them. They have a very "Next Big Thing" vibe to them, which means it'll only be so long before teenage girls and meatheads butcher them for you.

Cross The Fader - Jamaica
I Think I Like U 2 (Breakbot Remix) - Jamaica


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