Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here's a few cool dancey numbers, all feature really interesting vocal aspects to them. The Aston Shuffle track may at first sound a bit middle of the road but the second half is the saving grace of the song; it changes up completely.

Take My Hand (Justin Faust Deep Mix) - Nightriders
Do You Want More - The Aston Shuffle (Feat. Danimal Kingdom)
Lies (Alex Metric Remix) - Fenech-Soler


Some really quality covers have been released this year. Mystery Jets & Esser teamed up to cover The Cure's In Between Days and added a cool electronic backdrop over the relatively faithful vocal rendition. It's good that it remains pretty much very close to the path the original took because there's not a whole heap more you can do to this song to make it any better.

Fascination Street, which appeared on one of The Cure's most popular albums; Disintegration, has been basically warped into a completely different creature by Metronomy. Not only does this not sound like The Cure, it also sounds nothing like Metronomy. No, the closest comparison I could probably make is that it sounds like Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release-era Simian Mobile Disco. It's going to either be a song you love, or despise. I personally love it. Either way you have to admire the audacity associated with such a huge departure from the original sound.

Also, Sky Ferreira recently covered Miike Snow's massive blog-universe hit, Animal. Her version is a stripped down acoustic number, just her and her piano. It's got a completely different feel, but it's easily as good as the original. I also included another track of hers, Lolita. This girl is going to be HUGE very soon.

In Between Days - Mystery Jets & Esser
Fascination Street - Metronomy
Animal - Sky Ferreira
Lolita - Sky Ferreira


Danimal Kingdom is the solo project from Dan The Carnivore, the former lead singer of now defunct band, Bolt Action Five. It doesn't sound like Bolt Action Five really, it's more like Lightspeed Champion than anything else I think. Interesting quasi-electronic indie pop gems.

Girl Boy Girl - Danimal Kingdom
Through The Ice - Danimal Kingdom


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