Sunday, November 8, 2009


Two Door Cinema Club have just released a new song, a prelude to the debut album release coming early next year. It's called I Can Talk and to be honest, it's not my favourite track from the trio, but it's still pretty damn catchy nonetheless. Also, bucking current trends of all remixes being released lately possessing some truly awful qualities, the I Can Talk remixes seem to be shaping up pretty nicely. I think i prefer both the Crystal Fighters and French Horn Rebellion remixes over the original actually.

I Can Talk - Two Door Cinema Club
I Can Talk (Crystal Fighters Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club
I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club


Fyfe Dangerfield of Guillemots fame is releasing a solo album. Here's a great track from the impending release, When You Walk In The Room. Sounds sort of the same, and also completely different from the band's work. Has a cool sort of bluesy-rock feel to it at times.

When You Walk In The Room - Fyfe Dangerfield


Really can't wait for Fenech-Soler's album to drop, from what I have heard so far it looks to be as cool and catchy as Friendly Fires debut album, with a bit more edginess. Golden Sun features a brass section throughout underneath falsetto vocals and the synthy dance work you've come to know and love from Electro bands of the 2000's.

Golden Sun - Fenech-Soler


Boy Crisis are a strange band. They clearly have their minds in the gutter at all times, with their songs having a strong sexual undercurrent, and, well actually; a strong sexual overcurrent as well. Strawberries is hilarious, disgusting, wildly inappropriate and insanely catchy all at once. It's a song you'd hate in theory but in practice you can't help but get caught up in the beat and sing along.

Strawberries - Boy Crisis


Finally, A female singer-songwriter who I feel I could grow to like as much as my future-wife to be, Kate Nash (She will be mine, oh yes; she will be mine.). Ellie Goulding utilises electronic backdrops to sing Indie style songs about love, loss and love-loss. Heard this a hundred times before? Maybe. But nobody has done it as well as Goulding so far in my opinion. She's going to be huge very soon, so jump on the bandwagon while there's still seats available.

Under The Sheets - Ellie Goulding
Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding


Additionally here's a Tom Vek B-Side from the Nothing But Green Lights single called One Horse Race. Hardly new, but like all material from Vek; still one of the coolest songs around almost 5 years on. One Horse Race actually featured on a radio station in GTA IV most recently, so you may have heard it subconsciously without even knowing. Here's hoping he releases a second album in our lifetimes.

One Horse Race - Tom Vek


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