Thursday, November 5, 2009


DatA's debut album, Skywriter, came out earlier this year without anyone really taking notice. He probably deserves more acclaim and success than he has received, walking the fine line between french touch juggernauts Daft Punk and Justice, and doing it a hell of a lot better than most others I've heard.

Although to say he's a mere clone probably doesn't give him the credit he's entitled to.

The title track from the album features Benjamin Diamond. Now I don't really understand Diamond's deal, because while he sounds amazing when collaborating and guest vocal...i...sing (...?), He's really determined to stray as far into the Pop/Rock territory as his record label will allow on his solo work. And frankly he sucks. Benjamin Diamond should stick to what he's good at. Singing for French dudes.

Skywriter is no exception, my personal favourite on the album, thanks to both an awesome instrumental background and Diamond's silky vocals. Also check out So Much In Love, a very Daft Punk sounding song, with robotic vocoders and all.

Skywriter - DatA
So Much In Love - DatA

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