Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Heaps of cool finds in the last couple of days.

Sweet Carrie is the new single from up and comers NightWaves. It's heavy on the 80's nostalgia like everything great these days. I'm posting up the Beaumont remix because I think it rivals the original for quality. One of those great remixes that takes nothing away from the original, only adds to it.

Sweet Carrie (Beaumont Remix) - NightWaves


Matt Van Schie has a similar "The 80's Were The Fucking Greatest" mentality with his solo work, and Two Love is a obvious example of this. He just released his new EP, Balmy Nights. Buy it.

Two Love - Matt Van Schie


Esben And The Witch have very "Seventeen Seconds-era The Cure" vibe to them. Except they have a female lead singer which I'm not usually a big fan of in traditional band set ups (brace for feminist backlash). But yeah they have a very cool sound, increased by the fact that she's got such a cool voice. Awesomely haunting stuff, Esben And The Witch sound like the soundtrack to the most disturbing of your nightmares.

Marching Song - Esben And The Witch


Maximalist by Baths won't be for everyone, but I personally love vocal splicing and old samples from forgotten films. This one has a very compelling beat.

Maximalist - Baths


Clock Opera are the music blog darlings of the entire internet right now. Not sure whether they deserve all the unashamed accolades but Once And For All is definitely an interesting track worth hearing.

Once And For All - Clock Opera


Whitey has just released his new album, Canned Laughter, with minimal commercial backing. He claims its production has essentially bankrupted him, so I'd definitely suggest going out and buying it because from what I have heard, it's pretty damn good. When Your Sun Goes Down You'll Know is a great track, which reminds me a little of LCD Soundsystem's stuff. Great singalong chorus.

When Your Sun Goes Down You'll Know - Whitey


Finally, a new track from Miami Horror called Moon Theory. After hearing the final version (which to me sounds a bit flat and demo-ish), I definitely think this song sounds far more compelling live. It stood out in their set each time I saw them even though I didn't know the name of it or any of the words, but I don't know, here it's...tepid. That said, check it out regardless, you may disagree.

Moon Theory - Miami Horror


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