Friday, April 2, 2010


Here's a downloadable version of Egyptian Hip Hop's stellar track, Heavenly. I previously linked a streamable version of it, but now you can listen to it as many times as you like internet connection or no. What a bitch it was to find as well.

Heavenly - Egyptian Hip Hop


Balthazar are a strange band, they mix a bunch of different genres and end up with some pretty interesting results. Their debut album, Applause, is pretty well rounded, and features some standout songs worth mentioning. One of these tracks is Fifteen Floors which has sprinkles of hip-hop flavourings and instrumental break-downs that keeps the whole thing pretty compelling and unpredictable. Definitely worth a listen or twelve.

Fifteen Floors - Balthazar


MOPP is some dude, and he got some girl to sing on a song called Hold On. It's a pretty damn good electro-party track; the sort of dancefloor filler you wish more DJ's knew about.

Hold On - MOPP


Oberhofer sounds a bit like The Arcade Fire, but unfortunately for fans of The Arcade Fire, he isn't rubbish. This may be a turn off for some, but I on the other hand think not being awful is a bold yet effective move for garnering praise.

Away FRM U - Oberhofer


  1. Thanks for putting me onto Egyptian Hip Hop, I lost the "sex4ears" blogspot & you're quickly filling the void.

  2. Thanks for your interest, more stuff coming as soon as my internet quota resets.